Explainer Videos - explain the unexplained

Explainer videos are short videos that illustrate complex topics in a simple and comprehensible way. It helps in effectively communicating the whys, hows, and whats of your brand to your target audience. Explainer videos are the perfect blend of simplicity and aesthetics that creates clarity.

  • Generating interest
  • Increased time on a landing page
  • Used on multiple channels
  • Grabs the attention in less span

Why choose us?

At DigiNadu, we understand that people love clarity. Whether it is understanding the most complex of data, heavy machinery to the use of toothbrush - we help you explain anything. Our experienced team is all set up with out-of-the-box thinking that can cook up anything - from professional to playful.

  • Experts in strategy

    We aim to create carefully planned strategies that are a reflection of your brand.

  • Unique designs

    We create unique, customized designs that make your brand stand out from the rest.

  • Content strategy

    We turn designs into a presentation by providing them with a remarkable content strategy.


4 Major Service of Explainer Videos

At DigiNadu, the best creative designing company in Chennai, we provide high-end creative explainer video solutions to brands with the intention of meeting all their needs and requirements. Our team believes in doing what’s best for your brand rather than applying the same solution to every other brand.

Animated explainer videos

Use animated explainer videos to effectively explain a product(s), service(s), and or concept(s).

Product explainer videos

Use product explainer videos to market your products better, generate more leads, and increase sales.

Whiteboard explainer videos

Use whiteboard explainer videos to get your brand message across in the most understanding way using eye-catching visuals.

Corporate videos

Communicate your Vision, Culture, Project Scope & Client portfolio through Corporate Videos


1. Understand need

make you different

2. Simplify the complex

make you different

3. Happy delivery

make you different


Our Special Features

Corporate videos

We help you get your corporate identity across without any hassles

Stop motion videos

We merge one frame after another to make your brand move and reach places

Motion graphics videos

We help create motion graphic videos that are within budget and has a great look and feel to it

Infographics videos

We combine great-looking visuals, engaging content, and customized graphics/statistics to provide the viewers with a visual representation of the data.

Whiteboard videos

We use whiteboard videos to simplify complex data while capturing the attention of viewers and effectively communicating the message.

Live shoot videos

Impress your viewers with live shoot videos that are shot with perfection and edited with precision.


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DigiNadu is a Global Platform to find niche digital services from India. We are a vibrant team of experienced digital enthusiasts who provide out-of-the-box ideas and solutions for our clients


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