Business Consulting

Diginadu team provides business consulting who has demonstrated experience in Marketing & sales segment. From understand the client’s problem till implementation, DigiNadu provides handhold guidance approach for effective digital & strategic transformation

  • Consulting dissects the internal challenges in a business
  • To increase the productivity of your available resources
  • To reduce cost, stress & efforts by directing it to right direction
  • Consulting unveils new opportunity which we might have missed

Why choose us?

Our clients can get the expertise of DigiNadu team in marketing & sales. Using our unique knowledge and skill set, DigiNadu will identify challenges and help initiate changes in the existing process with constructive plan

  • Marketing Consulting

    We have proven strategies in marketing to oversee the real issue that is hindering your growth

  • Sales Consulting

    We have established processes and tools in place to evaluate sales practices

  • Technical Consulting

    We have wide range of experts from in Technology who can analyse & automate your process


it's perfect way

When you need Consulting in Marketing & Sales

Startup Consulting

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a startup idea looking for a guidance to register, start & launch your Product/ Service, DigiNadu is there for you

Sales & Marketing

Whenever you are struggling to attract Prospects and your sales pipeline is dry, its the right time to look for marketing consultant

Technical knowledge

When you feel that enormous time is being put on a simple process and you find it hard to simplify, then just call DigiNadu to explore tech solutions

Gap in Implementation

Some businesses have knowledge, skills & systems still they struggle for efficiency. To bridge this gap, it's time to jump with DigiNadu consultants


1. Plan

make you different

2. Ideate

make you different

3. Implement

make you different


Our Special Features

Creative Team

Power-packed copywriting team & digital team add more value to your results

Web Designing

We have experts to design, develop application with content strategy

Digital Marketing

Our Digital strategic plan & execution is what differentiates us from others

Market Research

Time & Effort on market study change the whole game of our Ads

Content Marketing

From video marketing to influencer marketing to moment marketing - we have it all

Dedicated Manager

DigiNadu provides a dedicated manager to guide & update you


About DigiNadu

DigiNadu is a Global Platform to find niche digital services from India. We are a vibrant team of experienced digital enthusiasts who provide out-of-the-box ideas and solutions for our clients


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get results?

This is one of the most asked questions among clients. Every brand is different and so are their social media campaigns. Generally, a brand from any industry should let the social media strategy and or campaign run for a minimum of 45-90 days in the market (depending on the industry), to get better results.

What would be the best budget to start Digital Marketing?

After working for various clients from various industries, we have concluded that the budget varies from industry to industry and also depends on their digital marketing requirements. However, one can expect 30k/per month - 50k/per month as a starting budget for initial digital marketing campaigns.

What are all the digital marketing services covered under the package?

As a part of the digital marketing package, we include everything from the ideation of concepts, creating engaging creatives, building strategies, planning and execution of social media campaigns to managing marketing campaigns, and optimising the campaign for better results.

What is the payment cycle?

For any digital marketing campaign, the spending starts with 100% advance. The agency fee can be paid 50% upfront and the remaining 50% can be paid after the completion of every month cycle

Will Social Media Marketing work for my business?

Social Media Marketing’s worth depends on the industry. At DigiNadu, we do complete market research and recommend a social media marketing campaign only if we see potential growth for your brand. Moreover, be it any industry, we recommend a trial market response for about 60-90days to see the results.

What are the deliverables we can expect from the DigiNadu team?

Our experienced, digital enthusiasts provide clients with approved creatives and engaging content as well as in-depth campaign analytics, campaign report and spend report.

What is the next step if I choose to proceed further?

If you wish to proceed further, a member of our team will get in touch with you and provide you with a proposal based on your inputs. Once you’ve made the advance payment, we will start ideating and executing our digital marketing ideas with inputs from you. A Project Manager will be allocated to you and will be in charge of coordinating with you.

How to measure the growth/progress of the social media marketing campaign that is/has run?

Our social media marketing team keep a close look at the progress of the social media campaigns that are running. We also send a monthly campaign report that will help you to evaluate the results of Social Media Marketing campaigns that are running.

What are all the social media platforms that are covered under Social Media Marketing?

As a part of our social media marketing strategy, we majorly focus on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google. However, the platforms are customized on the basis of the client’s requirements and the industry the brand belongs to.

How is DigiNadu different from other digital marketing companies/agencies in the market?

At DigiNadu, we are a group of digital marketers with strong expertise in Sales Growth & Business Strategy. Our experience in the field of digital marketing helps us drive better results in the market. We combine digital marketing and sales to generate leads and results for our clients.